Intermediate Salsa Routine (Romantic)

I have posted this routine to show that not ALL Salsa Routines have to be Frantic Exercise Workouts... Some Salsa Music can be Slow and/or Romantic and your dancing should reflect that. Remember (Men) when you are dancing with your partner that what you lead and how you dance should not only be on time, but also relevant to the music you are dancing to...

Otherwise you are not Dancing, and just trying out a few moves while there just happens to be some music playing in the background.

I hope you like the video. I plan to post more in the future.

See You on the Dancefloor.


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Cuban Style Salsa & Rueda Video Clips:


Friday, 28 September 2007

Our Next Event

Saturday 6th October
Colors Nightclub, Basildon

Party Night with Classes from 8-9pm
followed by Dancing till 2am

With 2 great dance rooms plus dancing outside on the roof terrace all night, plus a Class & Fantastic Showcase from our Special Guest...


Laith is the British Salsa Competition 2003 champion, and is a prominent performer and teacher on the UK and International Salsa circuit. With his background in hip-hop and street dance, Laith has a style that is funky and highly energized.

To find out more about Laith Sami and his 'Diablo' Dance Company visit his Website.

For those of you who enjoy dancing Salsa to R'n'B & Hip Hop music, you are not going to want to miss his Intermediate Salsa Class at 8pm, during which he will introduce Hip Hop and Street dance moves & styling.

Make sure you visit the website asap to book your Discounted tickets in advance Click Here Now!

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Salsa Dancing Burns Calories

by Evan Margolin (Salsacrazy & Salsabootcamp)

Experts agree that dancing salsa can burn up to 10 calories per minute. But best of all, salsa dancing is easy to do. It’s an excellent workout exercise that combines aerobic and anaerobic training.

Let me explain the difference between the two…

Aerobic – Specifically refers to the use of the same large muscle group, rhythmically, for a period of 15 to 20 minutes or longer while maintaining 60-80% of your maximum heart rate. Basically it’s doing an activity for a long period of time at low intensity. Activities using aerobic exercise include jogging, swimming, walking, biking and cross-country skiing. Anaerobic -

Anaerobic activity refers to activities that are short in duration and high in intensity. Some anaerobic activities include: weight lifting, sprinting, racquetball, downhill skiing, softball, soccer and football. Its high intensity and works the muscles quickly and rigorously.

Aerobic refers to air or oxygen. To easily remember the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise just think that since aerobic is air or oxygen, that these types of activities should allow you to speak while performing the activity without gasping for air. If you are gasping for air during your activity you are most likely working anaerobically – which means faster, harder and at a higher intensity.

The continual movement of the salsa dance style steadily burns calories but also tones the body – most specifically the legs. But not only does it tone the body but it also adds strength to muscles without the high impact of most other exercises like weight training or running.

Salsa is also an excellent exercise choice because it combines individual dance routines that can also be paired up with a partner. Actually, salsa dancing can be practiced alone and then adding a partner for added excitement. The social charm that partnered salsa dancing has is very appealing.

A night of dancing is an excellent workout. If you are just learning to salsa dance you most likely will be working anaerobically. But as you advance to quicker salsa movements that are more complex like the professional salsa dancers twirling through the air with jumps and intense spins requiring strength, you will most likely be working your body anaerobically. This means that your muscles are working at a high intensity level.

In general, salsa dancing is an excellent workout. You’ll get fit, more toned and look better but also have fun while you’re doing it! Start joining the salsa craze now by visiting This is the best site on the web for learning how to dance salsa. Taught by real professional salsa dancers. It’s toxic!

Evan Margolin shares his passion for salsa through DanceSF, the premier salsa studio in the Bay Area, his Learn to Salsa DVDs ( and, a comprehensive guide to salsa news and events in the Bay Area.

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Monday, 10 September 2007

London Salseros head out of town

by the Salsa Daddy

Everyone knows, if you want to go to a decent Salsa Club and dance with the best Salsa Dancers at the weekend London is where you need to be… Of Course! For years, that's the way it's been… dancers from all over the South East of England willing to endure the stress of driving and trying to park in London and often at great expense all in the name of Salsa.

Not any more! Londoners have started heading OUT of town at weekends for a Better Night of Salsa Dancing. So, what has changed and where are they going? Why are they going to so much trouble with so many Salsa clubs on their own doorstep?

It appears that London Salsa Dancers are becoming a bit disillusioned with the London Salsa Scene… perhaps it's not as friendly as it used to be, the music is predictable and the venues are expensive & often leave a lot to be desired. The dancers may not dance to quite the standard of the better London Salseros, but the scene is friendly, social and less intimidating (for newbies). What the 'Out of Towners' lack in skill & experience, they more than make up for in Enthusiasm, plus there are some fabulous venues where the drinks are not ridiculously expensive and parking is often very close by and FREE.

One such venue on many Londoners' lips at the moment is 'COLORS Nightclub' in Basildon, Essex… some 30 miles from the centre of London, but nevertheless attracting more London Salsa Dancers every month, and more importantly they are returning with friends. 'COLORS' holds a party night on the First Saturday of every month, with 2 Dance rooms offering different music to suit all tastes and an outside Roof Terrace, where you can also dance, the venue is to say the least Unique. Added to the Free parking within 1 minute walk, sensible priced entry & drinks and a very friendly group of Essex regulars of this & other local clubs, it's not hard to understand why Londoners can't wait to come back!

Stuart Thomas (Salsa SOS) & Joe Davids (Latin Collective) teamed up recently to run these events under the joint name of 'The United Colors of Salsa'. Stuart & Joe believe there is a lot to be gained by having a club where London dancers can enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere of Essex and where Essex dancers can benefit from dancing with more experienced London Salseros (without having to travel to London of course). As well as bringing London & Essex Salseros together, they are determined to bring down the barriers between Salsa Styles… 'COLORS' is a club where, whatever your style (Cuban, Miami, LA, NY, etc…) you will feel welcome & at home and have a great time dancing to music you love.

Every party/event features different guest DJs & Teachers from the various styles, there are classes for all levels from 8pm to 9pm and a Showcase later in the evening, with the party going on all the way through till 2am. A great night out is guaranteed, and for just £10 (on the door) or even cheaper at £8 if you pay in advance online.

For more info, tickets, maps & directions visit

You can also contact Stuart (Salsa SOS) directly
via email: or
via text: 07714 235523

Saturday, 8 September 2007

The Salsa Lesson

by Diana Long M.S.ACC

"It's time to start living the lives we have imagined." This quote by Henry James literally jumped off of the page and spoke to me. In my line of work, I really don't have the luxury of talking about what I want and not taking action. As a Success Coach it is important that I 'walk my talk". Sometimes it isn't easy but I wouldn't have it any other way. How would your life change if this quote became your mantra?

How about you? What dreams have you put on the back burner? What accomplishment or experience tugs at you to take action?

Recently a colleague casually invited me to come to a Latin "Salsa" night at a local dance hall. She had no idea that she was inviting me to honor a life long dream. For years I have dreamed of being able to dance well on the dance floor instead of watching others having fun from the sidelines. I had lots of legitimate reasons why I couldn't take the time to dance, I already had so much on my schedule, how could I find the time, my husband wasn't excited about the idea etc etc etc All of my excuses supported a choice I made. A choice to not fulfill a dream. All of us have excuses, don't we, that we tell ourselves when we don't move forward with our goals and dreams?

Carpe Diem. I seized the moment and responded to the opportunity that came to me. I took my first Salsa dance lesson. It wasn't pretty, yet it was wonderful! I took the first step towards a long held dream. I learned more than dance steps that evening! I discovered that dancing agreed with me. I was happier, healthier and it actually helped me in my business. I took more risks that boosted my bottom line.

My invitation to you is for you to take your dream off the back burner and make it a priority. Pump up your courage muscles and take the step forward that you KNOW you need to take. Write it down. Say it out loud. Confide in a trusted friend or mentor your commitment. Then, go do it! Please e-mail me or call me with your success experiences, I would love to hear. Keep Dreaming Big!

"It's time to start living the lives we have imagined." Henry James

About the Author
Unlock the Secrets to Creating a Life You Love! Receive your FREE Special Report"3 Huge Mistakes People Like You Make to Sabotoge Their Success & How You Can Completely Avoid Them!" go to right now to claim your copy.

Salsa Changed my Life!

by Stuart Thomas
(Salsa SOS - UK)

How can something as simple as Salsa Dancing change someone’s life?

Why Salsa Dancing in particular?

It's certainly not the easiest thing in the world to learn and it can take a lot of time and effort to get proficient at. You risk looking foolish, you have to interact with other people, conquer your fear of the unknown, and it costs you money to do it (ouch!).

Why does one even bother to try and learn it?

The following are a few of the main benefits most people appear to gain through dancing, especially Salsa Dancing.

Social Benefits: You will meet more people socially through Dancing, than any other single activity on the face of the planet! Traditonaly people have gone to Singles bars & Clubs and perhaps even Health clubs in the hope of meeting someone… very rarely with any success!
You'll laugh at the things you used to do to meet people, because once you start dancing, your social life will literally explode!

Personal relationships:
Have You and your Partner lost that passion you used to have? Start learning Salsa Dancing and it will all come flooding back to you! You will learn to relate to each other in a passionate, honest, and unique way that you may perhaps have never done before and your relationship will be all the richer for it. You need to experience it for yourself to fully appreciate what I'm talking about here.

Confidence: Once you get over the initial fear of making a fool of yourself your self-confidence will grow rapidly. You'll become more comfortable in yourself and you'll find your new, increased level of confidence will affect every aspect of your life. People will notice the difference and will even be drawn to you. As a consequence your circle of friends will grow and you will even find it a lot easier to get a date ;)

Self Expression: The ability to express oneself verbally or with movement is important to all of us. Once you start to learn to hear & feel the music you will begin to grasp this one. The ability to express oneself (along with another person) to beautiful, exciting and passionate music satisfies a deep & fundamental human need. Most people are unaware of this and is a major reason why Personal Relationships benefit so much.

Weight Loss: Self explanatory really. You lose weight - you feel better physically & emotionally and as a result - you live longer!

The best thing about losing weight dancing Salsa is that it’s actually FUN to do, unlike exercising down at the gym.

Flexibility, Coordination and posture: Not only will these benefits affect you, but they will also affect the way people see you at first glance.

Happiness and Fulfilment: We all want our lives to be as happy and fulfilling as possible. Many peoples' lives change forever the day they take up Salsa Dancing - Myself included! (I may go into this in more detail at a later date)

Not everyone can become the greatest dancer in the world, but everyone has something to gain from dancing. Some people will be affected more than others, some people will try it and move on, but everyone needs to give it a try, and will be all the richer for the experience. The more reasons you can think of for NOT doing it, the more you're probably going to benefit from carrying on.

Salsa Dancing changed my life in ways I would never have imagined when I decided to go along to my first lesson. I didn’t realise it at the time, but it was probably the most important (life altering) decision I had ever made, and I will be eternally grateful that I did. (Long story I may share with you some other time)

Trust me, if you give it a try, Salsa Dancing is going to change your life too, in ways you can’t possibly imagine right now (just like me!), and I look forward to hearing your stories one day!


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