Intermediate Salsa Routine (Romantic)

I have posted this routine to show that not ALL Salsa Routines have to be Frantic Exercise Workouts... Some Salsa Music can be Slow and/or Romantic and your dancing should reflect that. Remember (Men) when you are dancing with your partner that what you lead and how you dance should not only be on time, but also relevant to the music you are dancing to...

Otherwise you are not Dancing, and just trying out a few moves while there just happens to be some music playing in the background.

I hope you like the video. I plan to post more in the future.

See You on the Dancefloor.


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Friday, 28 September 2007

Our Next Event

Saturday 6th October
Colors Nightclub, Basildon

Party Night with Classes from 8-9pm
followed by Dancing till 2am

With 2 great dance rooms plus dancing outside on the roof terrace all night, plus a Class & Fantastic Showcase from our Special Guest...


Laith is the British Salsa Competition 2003 champion, and is a prominent performer and teacher on the UK and International Salsa circuit. With his background in hip-hop and street dance, Laith has a style that is funky and highly energized.

To find out more about Laith Sami and his 'Diablo' Dance Company visit his Website.

For those of you who enjoy dancing Salsa to R'n'B & Hip Hop music, you are not going to want to miss his Intermediate Salsa Class at 8pm, during which he will introduce Hip Hop and Street dance moves & styling.

Make sure you visit the website asap to book your Discounted tickets in advance Click Here Now!

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