Intermediate Salsa Routine (Romantic)

I have posted this routine to show that not ALL Salsa Routines have to be Frantic Exercise Workouts... Some Salsa Music can be Slow and/or Romantic and your dancing should reflect that. Remember (Men) when you are dancing with your partner that what you lead and how you dance should not only be on time, but also relevant to the music you are dancing to...

Otherwise you are not Dancing, and just trying out a few moves while there just happens to be some music playing in the background.

I hope you like the video. I plan to post more in the future.

See You on the Dancefloor.


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Saturday, 20 October 2007

"Essex is in the Building!"

Our Salsa Weekend at Pontins, Pakefield October 2007
by the Salsadaddy

It was yet nother excellent Salsa Weekend at Pontins (Pakefield). It was however somewhat quieter than usual, but that didn't stop those of us who went from having one of the best weekends we have ever had.

Our small group of 20+ attendees made more noise, and contributed more to the success of this weekend than the rest of the 200 Salseros from around the country put together.

On the opening night we had the biggest La Rueda we have ever had, with students from all the Salsa SOS clubs joining in along with a few dancers from other clubs, and it went down a treat with the on-lookers.

Our group also made a big impression on the organisers & teachers with the high standard of their dancing. I was overwhelmed by the number of compliments I received on your behalf. This was also reflected in the evenings by the competition successes. Despite only making up less than 15% of the total attendees at the event, we had at least 2 (top 3) prize winners in every single competition.

Congrats to Alastair, Ray, Jacqui(x2), Neil, Clair(x2), Colin, Lynn & Kristie!

The Salsa SOS participants also made a major contribution to the weekend's Shows when half our group took a strong dose of Bravery Pills and performed a La Rueda demonstration. Most of the students who took part were only Improvers and had never performed in public before, so they all did very well, and should feel very proud of themselves.

Watch the video to see just how well they did...

Then later on, Stacy & Chesney entertained everyone with their own (very energetic) brand of Reggaeton. Well done girls!

Finally, on a personal note, there are no words to express just how proud I am of every single student who came along to this event. Without you the weekend wouldn't have been even half as good as it was, and I hope the organisers realise that and appreciate what you all did!

Well done to everyone, and I can't wait to do it again!

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